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About D.L. & Company

D.L. & Co. was born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and the exquisite. Every item we design is intended to unfold like a love letter, each painstaking detail revealing a procession of small delights. Like the purveyors of curious goods in previous ages, every item we create is intended to stir and enthrall each and every one of the senses, from the sleek feel of the carefully-selected silk ribbons to the intoxicating atmospheres of the handmade fragrances. Our love of rare botanica, arcane curiosities and long-forgotten sensations compel us to offer these modern heirlooms. In this age of aesthetic tedium and mass production, we wish to provide an alternative for those who find the banality of today’s “products”to be an insult to their intelligence, dignity and good taste. Please join us as we turn the mundane into the magnificent.