Jin Woo Prensena


By Nina Gelb

I saw a gorgeous photograph on the wall in my sister’s home, and it caught my eye. “Where did you acquire that!” I fell in love with the piece and asked to be put in touch with the artist/photographer, Jin Woo Prensena, immediately.

Months later, we met at the Soho House after exchanging emails & ideas. Hunkered down on his computer, Jin-Woo Prensena is very unassuming & humble. One wouldn’t know his works hang on the walls of some of the most famous and high profile people in LA & around the world.

Originally from Germany and of South Korean decent, Jin Woo has been living in Los Angeles for the past 18 years. He’s worked for one of the most well-known actors on the A list roster. And it was traveling for many years for work that inspired Jin Woo to tap into his talent. “It started as a hobby, than became an obsession. I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to creating art. The process of shooting, printing, editing, then seeing it on a client’s wall and their excitement is the most satisfying, gratifying feeling.” Jin-Woo likes to print big, up to 58”x103”, and his images vary from decadent close ups of female lips to beach sequences of Southern California to aerial shots of Los Angeles and Iceland.

Without further adieu, it is my absolute pleasure to showcase some of the pieces we chose for LuxxList.


You can shop on his website, or make an appointment to have Jin Woo present his prints in person. This is very much on the LuxxList!

For more info:
email: j@jprensena.com