Meche LA


By Nina Gelb

Hairstyle & color is the final accessory to fashion. A bad haircut or color job takes weeks, month to fix. People ask me all the time where to get their haircut and/or colored (homage to my hairdresser Joseph Orozco & fabulous colorist KC Carhart) : MECHE SALON. Why? It’s home of some of the best & most talented in the beauty business in LA. Nestled in a quiet section of Beverly Hills, one wouldn’t know Meche is the destination of beauty for some of the worlds most famous faces & high profile clients.


Partners Neil Weisberg & Tracey Cunningham opened their doors in December 2012.
They carefully have curated some of the best talents in the business, to go on to create what is one of the most successful beauty salons in the city. On the menu? Nails, haircuts, hair color, blowouts, waxing, & manicure are all services available. The latest in hair products not to mention the delicious lunch deliveries.

Your hair and color are a an important investment in yourself! Go to the best on the LuxxList!

Meche salon