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Music feels the loss of Prince and exciting wave of Spring releases

By Mitch Davis

The world was shocked by the sudden death of Prince and reminds millions how important music is to their lives. Embrace the classics, but for all those who think there isn’t anything good that is new… there is a big surprise for you. Some amazing new music is coming out and it is exciting to hear some it.

This month, some great music to try. Pink is back, Sia has new music out and newcomer Bear Hands is breaking out with music that can span the ages, from young fun people to the reality of getting older. Simply put, nothing good happens after 2am. Music discovery is not easy when you listen to big radio stations and playlists, so please take a listen and watch some of the new music this month. Enjoy and see if anything inspires you. Music is life.

Music curated by Mitch Davis