By Nina Gelb

When I see things I love, I use the expression, “that’s so LuxxList.” Hence, I have to introduce Spinelli Kilcollin to LuxxList readers. Their jewelry is sold at some of my favorite boutiques, and my Mother and friends own gorgeous pieces from the collection! I’m very linked to this brand…

Spinelli Kilcollin is best known for its signature linked rings, comprised of several bands which can be stacked on one finger or worn across several. Designer Yves Spinelli created his first piece, the Aquarius linked ring, in 2009. Since then he has expanded the collection to include earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Designed & made in Los Angeles, the jewelry is so contemporary & beautiful and reflects the lifestyle of LA… soo LuxxList.

The brand’s design tenets revolve around key features such as customizability, interchangeability, and versatility with multiple ways to wear. Spinelli Kilcollin pieces often include a mix of precious stones and metals. The Stellar Collection of rings are my favorites; pavé full-cut diamonds & stones ornament linked rings.

With the holidays coming up, Spinelli Kilcollin is available at over 50 luxury boutiques worldwide including some of the best stores locally: A’maree’s, Barneys, Maxfield. Make a time to go see Jennifer or Lisa at Barneys Beverly Hills fine jewelry to show you the Spinelli Kilcollin case; or head over to gorgeous Maxfield or the amazing A’maree’s…the collection is just that fabulous as are you!

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