By Nina Gelb & Jeff Klein


Who is the mastermind behind one of the top destination hotels in the world? The Sunset Tower Hotel, the famed Tower Bar restaurant, City Club Hotel, Monkey Bar NYC and soon-to-come San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood are all the highly successful properties owned & developed by my friend, Jeff Klein. With his bright engaging smile, his exquisite taste, appetite for excellence & contagious laugh it is without wonder how Jeff has become one of the most successful hotelier/restaurateur’s in Los Angeles and beyond.

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The Sunset Tower hotel was formerly the St. James’s Club & The Argyle Hotel (where I recall being a patron of in the 90’s). In 2004 Jeff Klein purchased the landmark art deco hotel, hired designer Paul Fortune to renovate the property, re-opening two years later in 2006. It has since grown to be one of the top destination spots in LA, where the most famous, talented and successful people pay homage to. I asked Jeff to expound on the clientele he’s built:

“Almost every single famous person on earth has stayed or eaten here, but my absolute favorite night was when renown artist Cindy Sherman (I am obsessed with her work) was staying across the hall from Bill Murray’s room. I so badly wanted them to have a love connection! Luxxlist needs to check in for the weekend, you never know who will be across the hall!” (we share a deep laugh)


What is the key to Jeff’s unparalleled successes? As Jeff explains, he built a strong team to grow his visions into realities. Years of commitment, hard work, & perfectionism. At the suggestion of his friend Tom Ford (I’m obsessed), Jeff brought on Dimitri Dimitrov to create the Tower Bar restaurant. Together, it is history.

“Listening to one’s gut and trying to understand what the customer wants and where there is an opening in the marketplace. It also takes a lot of patience!” (hearty laughs again)

Fashion is always a shared bond between Jeff & myself (we are obsessed). So it’s fitting to share some of the designers that Jeff loves to wear:

“Tom Ford and Brunello Cucinelli. They make the chicest, most beautiful well crafted, well tailored & elegant clothes ever.”


While Jeff wears his Tom Ford & Cucinelli collections, the chicken pot pie & the custom sundae’s on the Tower Bar’s menu make Jeff very happy. I wear my Saint Laurent or Balmain, and order the lobster cobb salad (dressing on the side) but no sundae for me (we laugh & laugh)!

And with that, one of the most famous maitre d’s Dimitri does his signature bow and hurries off to seat Sean Penn.

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