By Nina Gelb & Isack Fadlon, Founder of Sportie LA

If you live in LA , there’s one spot to go for the ultimate selection of sneakers and athletic apparel, housing some of the best selections in the world: Sportie LA on famous Melrose Avenue.


Isack Fadlon and I have a vintage friendship, one that spans over 10 years, and have worked together on and off for years. He founded Sportie LA in 1985, when we (our generation) were wearing Reebok hightops in bright red, blue and yellow; Air Jordans, Etonic’s, Nike Terminators, Vans (still do), K Swiss, Tretorn & Keds. We had big hair; it was the era when MTV had a huge impact on fashion. By the late 80’s Nike had grown into one of the most profitable clothing companies in the world. Every kid had to have a pair of Air Jordans and a Chicago Bulls baseball cap. In LA, Pat Riley was coaching the Lakers with his slicked back hair at the Forum. Going to games, hanging out at Fred Segal, listening to Madonna, Isack Fadlon knew at that time that he wanted to make a footprint in the sneaker business and scene. In 1985, he decided to open what turned out to be one of the biggest & best sneaker stores in Los Angeles and the world. (Ask to see the private vault collections- but nothing is for sale).


Explaining Sportie LA is best summed up Isack, “Our massive selection is of the hottest sneakers. We curate so that our customers feel confident that they are seeing the best product available. And we try to create a very comfortable and inviting environment.”

What keeps Isack on top of the game? “Never feeling complacent. Waking up every day and pushing, striving to renew and be better.”


Isack goes to sneaker conventions, but most of the brands come to him now. How many brands does Sportie LA carry?
“I’ve lost count. At least 75 brands, and hundreds of styles.”

What’s hottest sneakers now for Luxxlist readers ?
“Right now it’s about the adidas NMD!!”


Do you think we have aged in past 10 years?
“NO WAY!” Good answer, Isack!

Time to shop the Adidas rack.

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